CSC 221: Computer Programming I
Fall 2009

Extra Credit: JavaBat Exercises is a Web site that contains a large number of short, focused Java exercises. Problems are divided into categories such as String-1 (String manipulation exercises) and Logic-1 (conditionals and boolean logic exercises). Each problem provides a small description and then requires you to enter the code into a method skeleton. When you click on the Go button, your code is automatically compiled, executed, and graded in the page.

If you are looking for a good way to brush up on your basic programming skills (e.g., conditionals, loops, String manipulation), completing exercises on this site is a great way to go. To encourage you to make use of this resource, I will award up to 20 points of extra credit to be applied to you lowest homework grade. Each problem that you solve correctly will be worth 1 point, up to the limit of 20 points (although you are encouraged to solve more problems if you have time).

To receive the extra credit, you must create an account at and list me as your instructor ( That way, I can review your answers and keep track of how many you have solved. Two important restrictions:

  1. While the problems in the two Warmup sections are great for review, you will not receive bonus points for completing problems in these categories since solutions are available on the site.
  2. You MAY NOT work with anyone on exercises that you complete for extra credit. If you complete any exercises while working with another student, you MUST notify me so that these collaborative solutions are not counted.