CSC 221: Computer Programming I
Fall 2009

HW 2: Design, Creativity, and Implementation

For this assignment, you will build upon the programming skills you developed in HW 1 to design and implement a Scratch animation or game. The content of your Scratch project is entirely up to you. It might be an animation that tells a story or explains some topic. It might be an interactive game or a puzzle. Or, it might be something completely different. Devise something you find interesting and engaging, then go for it.

At a bare minimum, your project should have the following characteristics:

For full credit, you will need to go beyond these minimum requirements. The final project grade will take into account the creativity of the project, its overall appearance and ease of use, and the appropriate use of Scratch features for the particular task.

If you have a particularly ambitious project in mind, you may elect to work with a partner for this assignment. However, teams will be held to a higher standard in terms of project complexity. That is, a team of two people will be expected to produce a project that is roughly twice the size (in terms of design complexity and amount of script code) than a solo person. Whether you choose to work in a team or not, you are certainly free to share ideas and give/receive help with other students in the class.

Student projects will be showcased in a class gallery, and awards will be given to the most creative and impressive projects. Have fun!