CSC 221: Computer Programming I
Spring 2008

HW8: Object-Oriented Design and Skip-3 Solitaire

For this assignment, you are to complete a Java project for playing Skip-3 Solitaire. In Skip-3 Solitaire, cards are dealt one at a time from a standard deck and placed in a row. If the rank or suit of a card matches the rank or suit either one or three cards to its left, then that card (and any cards in the pile beneath it) can be moved on top of the matching card. For example, suppose the three of clubs, five of hearts, nine of spades, and jack of hearts are initially dealt. They would be placed in a row, in left-to-right order, as shown below.

[3C, 5H, 9S, JH]

If the next card dealt is the five of spades, then that card is placed to the right and is found to match the five of hearts three spots to its left. Thus, the player can move the five of spades on top of the five of hearts, shortening the row of cards. The consolidation of these piles then allows the nine of spades to match with the five of spades that is immediately to its left. Thus, the player can move the pile topped by the nine of spades on top of the five of spades, shortening the row even further. Pictorially, the consolidation steps are:

[3C, 5H, 9S, JH, 5S] [3C, 5S, 9S, JH] [3C, 9S, JH]

Note that the addition of a single card can start a chain reaction in which many piles of cards, both to the left and right, are moved. The goal of the game is to end with as few piles of cards as possible. Theoretically, the game could end with a single pile of 52 cards, although that outcome is extremely unlikely. Also, note that only the top card in a pile needs to be stored, since the cards below it are never seen again.

  1. Download the Card and DeckOfCards classes that were described in the lectures.
  2. Implement the RowOfPiles class, whose interface has been provided for you. This class should capture the behavior of a row of card piles, allowing the user to add to the row or to move matching piles on top of one another. Test the methods of your class thoroughly before proceeding on to the Skip-3 solitaire game.
  3. Download the Skip3 class, which allows the user to play a very basic, interactive game of Skip-3 solitaire. This class uses a DeckOfCards and a RowOfPiles, as well as a Scanner object for implementing the game. Once you have tested this basic version of the game, make the following improvements.
  4. For extra credit, you can add other features to the game that improve its functionality and/or appearance. One obvious addition would be a help facility, so that if the user entered "help" or "?" as a command, then instructions on how to play the game and what commands are available would be displayed.

Note: late submissions will not be accepted for this assignment.