CSC 533: Programming Languages
Spring 2017

Class Presentation

In the last week of the semester, you will be expected to present a 15-20 minute lecture on a scripting programming language. Working in a team of three people, you will research a language and present an overview to the class. The format of the presentations is up to you, although the following content should be included: an overview and history of the language, its design goals, language features (including binding choices, memory management, and support for abstraction), sample code, and real-world applications.

The randomly selected teams, and the languages for each time, are listed below:

Alonzo, Dobberpuhl_S & Le:   Flex
Chang, Ferlic & Lee:   Go
Cui, Howe & Mungloo:   Perl
Dobberpuhl_A, Ische & Williams:   R

The assignment will be graded both on content and the quality of the presentation. You should utilize some form of presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint) so that your presentation can be made available for all students in the class to review. The following intermediate checkpoints are enforced to provide constructive feedback in the development process:

March 31 (worth 10 pts)
By this date, you should have researched the language and obtained hands-on experience developing code in that language. You will meet with the instructor and give an informal overview of the language, commenting on issues that will eventually go into the presentation.

April 14 (worth 20 pts)
By this date, you must have a draft of your presentation completed (e.g., your PowerPoint slides) and handed in. The instructor may make suggestions as to changes or additions in the content of the presentation.

April 21 (worth 20 pts)
By this date, you must give a practice presentation for the instructor. The instructor may make suggestions for improving the delivery of the presentation.

April 26 (worth 50 pts)
In the last week of the semester, you will be expected to present your language to the class.