CSC 546: Client/Server Fundamentals
Fall 2000

HW5: Client/Server Case Studies

For this assignment, you are to research and report on three recent, real-world cases where client/server technology has been implemented and resulted in cost savings or increased productivity for the enterprise involved. You should describe the particular circumstances of each case, how the client/server system was organized, and what features of the system contributed to the savings. Also, provide as much detail as you can concerning the type of software used (e.g., off-the-shelf database, in-house development, etc.) and underlying protocols.

Each case must be reported in your own words, summarized using your understanding of client/server systems as learned in this course. It is expected that each case could be described in less than a page of text, although you are free to write more if you find information of interest.

The three cases you report on must have the following characteristics: