CSC 550: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Spring 2004

HW1: AI and Scheme

  1. In the paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Turing describes several objections to the concept of a thinking machine, and attempts to refute those objections. Which of these objections do you find the most credible? Or, conversely, which of Turing's refutations do you find to be the weakest? Explain your reasoning.

  2. Turing's paper describes a test for identifying artificial intelligence called the human/computer imitation game,which subsequently became known as the Turing Test. Suppose you were to serve as judge in the Turing Test. What line of questioning would you pursue in order to distinguish between the human and the computer pretending to be human? Explain your reasoning.

  3. In a file named sentence.scm, define the following Scheme functions:
  4. Copy the Eliza program from and make the following modifications: