CSC 551: Web Programming
Fall 2001

HW1: Creating a Web Page

For your first assignment, you are to create your own home page that will be placed on the Web. In addition to telling the world about you, your home page will serve as a central repository of Web-based applications that you develop over the semester.

The layout and content of your Web page are entirely up to you. I encourage you to be creative and produce a document that you are proud to display to the world. At a bare minimum, your page must provide the following:

In class next week, we will go through the steps required to upload your home page to a Web server (by default, the Creighton University server on As such, you must bring a copy of your home page and any supporting files (e.g., images, style sheet) on a disk. Of course, if you already know how to upload to the university server or are running your own server, you may upload your page before class. Either way, you should also bring a printout of the source of your home page to hand in.