CSC 551: Web Programming
Spring 2003

HW3: Event-driven JavaScript

Part 1

As we discussed in class, one of the advantages of text boxes over prompts is persistence and modifiability. If the user enters input into several text boxes, those values persist in the boxes. If the user changes their mind or wants to reexecute code based on new values, they can simply edit the appropriate text boxes and reexecute.

Create a new version of your grades.html page that uses text boxes for inputing the user's grades. As before, there should be one text box for homework grades, one for quiz grades, one for tests, and one for the final exam score. The output of your program, which should include the homework and quiz averages, should be displayed in a separate frame in the page.

Part 2

Add help facilities to your page. There should be a button the user can click in order to get detailed instructions on entering grades and the grading system used. These instructions should appear in a separate window, appropriately sized and without menu and scroll bars. In addition, your page should utilize cookies to recognize when the user is accessing the page for the first time. If it is their first visit, the instruction window should appear automatically when the page is loaded.