CSC 581: Mobile App Development
Spring 2019

HW4: Scoreboard Revisited

For this assignment, you will reimplement your scoreboard app from HW3, now using a segue to separate a welcome/settings screen from the scoreboard screen. When the user opens the app, it should show a screen with a title and controls for specifying the game length and whether the game must be won by two points. There should also be a button or some other navigation element that the user can interact with to go to a separate screen containing the scoreboard. The scoreboard screen should display the settings (game length and win-by-two) but not have controls for changing them. If the user wants to change the settings, he/she should be able to return to the settings screen using some navigation control.

As before, the scoreboard scene should have controls to allow the user to add or subtract from either team's score, and the team names should be editable. When the game is over, a popover window should appear that identifies the winner of the game (by name). This popover should also contain a New Game button, which when clicked closes the popover and resets the scoreboard back to 0-0. This app should have an icon -- you are free to use the same icon as in HW3.