CSC 581: Mobile App Development
Spring 2019

Project App

For the course project, you are to design and implement an app that utilizes skills and best practices learned throughout the course. You may choose to work individually or in a team of two. If you do choose to work with a partner, the project should be more ambitious in scope to account for the additional contributor.

The purpose and scope of your app is up to you. For example, you could choose to create a game, an educational or informational assistant, or a utility tool. Your app must meet the following standards, however:

To encourage steady progress to completion, numerous graded checkpoints are specified.

Checkpoint 1 (3/26): You must submit the following basic information for approval: (1) the name of your partner, if you are choosing to work with someone, and (2) a one paragraph description of your project. This description does not need to be overly detailed, but should at least identify the task, the target audience, and the key features you expect to incorporate into the app. Worth 5% of project grade.

Checkpoint 2 (4/2): Hand drawings of the different screens that will make up your app. You should annotate the drawings with descriptions of the behaviors that would be exhibited as the user interacts with the app. For example, "When the user clicks on this button, a random image will be selected and displayed on the screen." Worth 10% of project grade.

Checkpoint 3 (4/18): On this date, you will give a short demo of your project to the class for feedback. You should have the views in place and the core functionality of the app working at this point. You should also be prepared to discuss what tasks need completing, and identify any roadblocks that have been encountered. Worth 25% of project grade.

Final project due (5/2): On this date, you will present your app to the class. This will involve giving a short (~5 minute) presentation of the purpose of the app and its target audience. This will be followed by a (5-10 minute) demo, in which you will demonstrate the key features of the app. Worth 60% of project grade.