CSC 581: Mobile App Development
Spring 2018

HW3: Segues & Workflow

Part 1: Login

Complete the guided exercises in Lesson 3.6. Then, follow the steps in the lab at the end of the section to create a simple login app. Your app should have a launch screen where the user can enter his or her id and password. It should have a Log In button below that, which takes you to a new screen with the user's id as title. Likewise, it should have Forgot User Name? and Forgot Password? buttons that take you to the other screen, with a corresponding title.

For example, the launch page of your app should look like the screen capture below.

Part 2: Personality Quiz

Complete the guided project at the end of Unit 3. In this project, you will create a multiscreen app that conducts a personality quiz. The example given in the book is to determine what type of animal you most resemble, but you should come up with your own questions and personality types. For example, you might distinguish between an introvert, extrovert, or hybrid personality. Or, you might try to predict a student's major as a result of answered questions. The choice of questions and personality types is up to you. However, your app should follow the structure of the one in the guided lab. In particular: