CSC 581: Mobile App Development
Spring 2018

HW4: Hunt the Wumpus

For this mini-project, you are to design and build an app for playing the text-based adventure game, Hunt the Wumpus. If you recall from CSC 222, Hunt the Wumpus is a game in which you explore a maze of caves, hunting the dreaded wumpus (or possible more than one wumpi). When you enter a cave that is adjacent to a wumpus, you will smell its stench. Warned by your nose, you can then throw a stun grenade into an adjacent cave to try to knock out and capture the wumpus. Unfortunately, the sound of the explosion will alert any nearby wumpi and set them in motion. The object of the game is to capture all of the wumpi before you run out of grenades (and without getting mauled). In addition to wumpi, there is a bottomless pit and giant bats to avoid. Below is a sample (terminal-based) execution of the game.

HUNT THE WUMPUS: Your mission is to explore the maze of caves and capture all of the wumpi (without getting yourself mauled). To move to an adjacent cave, enter 'M' and the tunnel number. To toss a stun grenade into a cave, enter 'T' and the tunnel number. You are currently in The Fountainhead (1) unknown (2) unknown (3) unknown What do you want to do? m 2 Moving down tunnel 2... You are currently in The Silver Mirror (1) unknown (2) The Fountainhead (3) unknown (4) unknown You smell an awful stench coming from somewhere nearby. What do you want to do? t 1 Tossing stun grenade down tunnel 1... Missed, dagnabit! A startled wumpus charges into your cave... CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP GAME OVER

In class, we developed the model for the game: CaveContents, Cave, and CaveMaze. Your Hunt the Wumpus app must: