CSC 599: Senior Capstone
Fall 2016

Project Guidelines

Project Requirements

The project must integrate content from the computer science curriculum. For example, developing a mobile application that connects to a customer database would integrate concepts from Data Structures, Web Programming, and Databases. Ideally, a project team will consist of two or three students, which may also include DDD and GDE majors if the project has a Web or design component.

Each team must submit a roster and project topic at the second meeting, and must submit a 1-2 page project proposal at the third meeting. This proposal should include a description of the project and a timeline for its development. The timeline must include at least two major checkpoints, with deliverables. Progress at each of these checkpoints will be measured and will contribute to the overall project grade. The proposal must be approved by the instructor.

Each team will complete a 10-page (minimum) project report that provides background information, design goals, and a detailed description of the project. A draft of that report must be submitted for feedback and the appropriate revisions made in the final report.

Project Rubric

The following rubric will be used for both the draft and final report:

A level

B level

C level

D level

At the end of the course, each team will give a 20- to 25-minute oral presentation on their project. This presentation will be graded on its organization, its clarity in describing the project, and the student's effectiveness as a presenter (e.g., clear speaking voice, eye contact).