CSC 599: Senior Capstone
Fall 2018

Project Guidelines

Over the course of the semester, students will work in teams of two or three to design, develop, and present a software project. The project must integrate content from the computer science curriculum. For example, developing a mobile application that connects to a customer database would integrate concepts from Data Structures, Web Programming, and Databases.

To ensure the highest quality of work, the project has numerous built-in checkpoints. The initial 2-4 page proposal for the project must be presented to the instructor in week 4 of the course. This proposal will be graded on a rough 1 to 5 scale, based on whether it clearly defines a feasible project and whether that project integrates content from across the major. Feedback will be provided so that the students can make appropriate adjustments to the project scope. Throughout the semester, consultations between the project teams and the instructor will take place to help guide development and ensure a consistent work schedule. One month before the semester's end, teams will present their progress to the entire class for a critique, and this report will be graded on a rough 1 to 5 scale.

In the last week of class, the students will submit the project deliverables (e.g., Web site, program, mobile app) as well as PowerPoint slides that describe the project. The project will be graded on its demonstrated mastery of class concepts and the clarity/understandability of the project presentation. Also during the last week of class, students will give practice presentations to the instructor and receive feedback in order to make improvements. This practice presentation will be graded on a 1 to 5 scale, with the emphasis on providing feedback. In the schedule exam period, each team will give a 20- to 25-minute oral presentations on the project. This presentation will be graded on its organization, its clarity in describing the project, and the student's effectiveness as a presenter (e.g., clear speaking voice, eye contact). Presentations will be assessed using a standard rubric.