The following errors have been noted in the 2nd edition:

CHAPTER 2, page 24, 2nd paragraph:
The sentence "A list of the most commonly used color names in HTML is provided in Appendix B." should instead reference Appendix C.

CHAPTER 2, page 37, 6th paragraph:
The sentence "Appendix B lists the most commonly used color names that are predefined by HTML." should instead reference Appendix C.

CHAPTER 5, page 88, Exercise 5.7:
The phrase "two number" that appears twice in the table should be "two numbers".

CHAPTER 7, page 128, Figure 7.16:
The line of code numbered 32 should be removed.

CHAPTER 7, page 131, Exercise 7.11:
In the first sentence, the phrase "using a button and text areas" should read "using a button and text boxes."

CHAPTER 7, page 132, Exercise 7.14:
The lines of code numbered 14 and 18 have an erroneous space before "getElementById".

CHAPTER 8, page 146, 2nd paragraph:
The number "1306" in the next to last sentence should be "130.6".

CHAPTER 9, page 163, Figure 9.8:
The lines of code numbered 26 and 28 are redundant, and can be removed without changing the behavior of the page.

CHAPTER 9, page 164, Exercise 9.7:
The second paragraph should read as folows, with specific revisions shown in bold:
Next, remove the local variable declarations from the FahrToCelsius and ConvertFtoC functions. You could do this by actually deleting the lines starting with var or, alternatively, you could just comment out the lines by placing double slashes (//) at the beginning. With these declarations removed, the references to lowTempInC now refer to the same variable. What impact does this change have on temperature conversions in the page? Explain your answer.
CHAPTER 12, page 217, Figure 12.3:
In the second example, the 2's place should show a 0 instead of 1:
11012 → 1*8 + 1*4 + 0*2 + 1*1 = 13

CHAPTER 12, page 219, Figure 12.5:
In the second and third lines of the table, "-231-1" and "-231-2" should be "-231+1" and "-231+2", respectively.

CHAPTER 14, page 258, Figure 14.10:
In the third row of the table, rightmost column, the bit pattern 00101 that appears in two places should be 00011.

CHAPTER 16, page 296, Figure 16.15:
The third wire at the top left (extending from the 0 box) should be black instead of blue.

APPENDIX A, page 346, Figure A.3:
In the figure caption, the browser should be identified as "Mozilla Firefox 2" instead of "Netscape Navigator 7."

APPENDIX D, page 362, String table:
In the section labeled substring, all three code examples should call the substring method instead of charAt.